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Family Therapy – Essence, Charges, Free Consultations

Family therapy includes several concepts (family behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic family therapy, etc.); common to all – focusing not on one person, but on the family as a whole, sometimes on many of its generations. From the point of view of family therapy, the family is a complex system that functions according to its own unique rules. The psychological symptoms and problems that the client addresses the therapist are observed as the result of distorted (dysfunctional) relationships between family members. The therapist’s task is to change the family system as a whole (the way family members interact with each other) with the help of therapeutic practices.

What is the system approach based on?

Systemic family psychotherapy appeared in the 20th century and, unlike many other schools of psychotherapy, did not grow out of psychoanalysis, but out of communication theory (Gregory Bateson) and general systems theory, or cybernetics (Norbert Wiener, Nikolai Bernstein, and others). This means that the family therapist sees completely different mechanisms and uses a different vocabulary than his colleague from another psychotherapeutic school.

Any behavior is a unit of communication that permeates the entire social system. For example, if a person does not answer a question, this does not mean that he is not communicating. Communication is that he is not responding. Emotional reaction, disobedience of a child or illness is also a way of communication.

Each person is part of many systems, such as the classroom or team at work, government and culture.

A system is a complex of elements and their properties that are in dynamic connections and relationships with each other, realizing a common function. In other words, a pile of parts does not become a machine until it is lined up into an interlocking mechanism and given the task of driving. This also applies to social systems.

  • The family is also an open system. It is in constant exchange of information with the environment.
  • The people who make up the family act in one way or another under the influence of the rules of the family system, and not under the influence of their needs and motives.
  • The problem of one person is considered as a symptom of the family system, and also takes into account the influence of all systems (context) in which he is included.

How much does the services of family therapy?

A psychologist appointment, a part of family therapy, costs between $20 and $250 per hour. Its cost depends on insurance and healthcare institution.

The cheaper solution is group therapy, couples therapy, and anger management work – up to $100 per session. Family therapy, individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, work with depression, etc. – from $70 per session.

The cost of the service (if it is not included in the insurance) is determined by the qualifications of the specialist. While a counselor visit usually costs between $20 and $150, a psychiatrist session is more expensive – up to$ 200. Unlike a counseling psychologist, a psychiatrist can write a prescription for a drug at a pharmacy.

The most expensive are psychotherapists, since the cost of their services reaches $300 per session. Typically, therapy involves multiple sessions over a long period of time.

How to pay for family therapy?

Sometimes, it is very expensive to use the services of family therapies that’s why many people issue fast 1000 dollar loan through payday lenders. These lending options are hassle-free as they do not require any certificates to be sent. All the procedure takes less than 24 business hours from the moment of the submitted application up to funds deposit.

Free psychological assistance

Psychological services can be free, such as in clinics. Students are often consulted under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

Another popular way to get psychological help in America for free is through support groups. People with similar problems come to classes.

Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotlines are also free. This is especially important in crisis situations when a person has experienced some kind of trauma (violence, loss of a loved one). Or, if you have thoughts of suicide, you can call the hotline and talk to a professional psychologist. If the foreigner does not speak English, then an interpreter is provided.

Modern means of providing psychological assistance include smartphone applications like Talkspace.

Services of psychologists of various categories are available to every resident of the United States, often included in insurance. Therefore, they are not afraid, and they consider the help of a psychologist in the United States as an opportunity for further personal development.

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