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August 5, 2014

The Foellinger Foundation has awarded $1.1 million for improvement or replacement of current assets or for the purchase of new assets to 47 Allen County nonprofit organizations. The Foundation’s grantmaking strategy is focused on strengthening effective organizations. The Foundation supports mission-driven, well-managed, results-oriented organizations that provide services throughout Allen County. The Special Grant Opportunity reflected the Foundation’s recognition of the value of increasing an organization’s capacity to meet its mission by improving its operating infrastructure.

“The Special Grant Opportunity was designed to encourage organizations to focus on effectiveness. Organizations that were awarded the funds specified how the project(s) for which the funds were sought will make the organization more effective,” said Cheryl Taylor, President. “Organizations were also asked to identify how their governing boards made decisions to improve, replace or purchase assets, and how that process resulted in a grant application for this special opportunity.”

Grant applications were submitted in two categories of funding. Organizations that had received a capacity-building grant from the Foundation and implemented its findings were eligible to request up to $50,000. All other organizations were eligible to submit requests up to $25,000.
Nonprofit organizations received funding for exterior/interior renovations, furnishings, communication systems, technology and office and maintenance equipment. The organizations that received asset improvement or replacement grants and the amounts received are identified on the attachment.



Jim Anderson, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo; Jonah Crismore, Fort Wayne Cinema Center; Andrew Hoffman, Neighborlink; Roger Reese, Associated Churches; Amy Silva, Little River Wetlands.

About the Foellinger Foundation:

Foellinger Foundation, Inc . is a private, charitable foundation created in 1958 by Helene R. Foellinger, The News Sentinel publisher from 1936 to 1980, and Esther A. Foellinger, her mother.

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